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We specialise in business software solutions, large web projects and online platforms.

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We are what is known as Agile developers who focus on creating bespoke software solutions for customers seeking tailored IT packages or software built from scratch.

We are different. We are developers with a thorough understanding of business.

We develop IT solutions that flexibly fit your business needs and exceed your expectations.

We are not an old fashioned software house

Traditional software providers often have either complex and inflexible technical development processes and cycles, or prohibitive and offputting costs.

Being Agile developers means that we can make any necessary changes quickly with minimum impact on both the development timescale and cost.

Agile development
Monitored milestones

We adapt Agile development and Scrum (the Agile methodology we use) management principles for all software projects we undertake, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We split each project into agreed milestones, and invite customers to monitor and discuss at the end of each milestone to ensure everything is on track and to make any necessary changes.

If you have big ambitions and need bespoke software to grow your business and improve your productivity and efficiency, give us a call now on 0161 696 1616 and let's talk!

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Why Us?

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  • Step 1. A full understanding of your business requirements is the first step, so we can assess the project scope and analyse the development risks accurately.

    Step 2. We come back to you with a full analysis report, along with rough project development time schedules and estimated costs.

    Step 3. Once you agree, we will start the project in accordance with discussions. Development schedules will be detailed and broken down into hours and days by developers so every hour spent can be tracked and reviewed.

    Step 4. During development we'll be in constant touch with you to make sure you've given us all the necessary information and we'll continually adapt as necessary.

    Step 5. At the end of each milestone, we'll discuss progress with you. Any feedback you give will be quickly implemented and milestones revised if necessary.

    Step 6. At the end of the project we re-test all project components and run through the project in a pre-launch environment, making sure everything will be ready for deployment.

    Step 7. The project goes live! We provide full post-launch technical support and are always available in case of need.

  • Affordable We are a dynamic development team and a lot of our members work on a freelance remote basis, which allows us to reduce costs. We also split project costs into stage payments based on milestones so customers don't have to pay huge upfront fees.

    Agile We are proud of being an experienced Agile development team. We use all sorts of Agile software development methodologies and implement Scrum project management techniques to assure best results.

    Adaptable Our Agile development methodologies allow us to make changes quickly, which minimises any risk of project failure and cuts costs.

    Supportive We provide ongoing support to all projects, no matter how big or small. We give a minimum of 12 months free bug-fixing service and offer technical support whenever you need it.

    Top Quality Take a look at what our customers say. Software development involves serious business decisions and financial commitment and you can rely on us to deliver on our promises.

    Convenient We can unify all technical support, and package it into one service with one bill. So you only have to deal with one IT provider and one point of contact.

  • WebCider partners with Microsoft to provide cutting edge technologies

    Microsoft Partner Network delivers cutting edge business technologies to our customers. We understand the importance of keeping pace with the fast developing IT world and also of making the most of tried and tested business technologies.

    WebCider partners with Microsoft Azure cloud platform for software development solutions
    WebCider partners with OVH to provide cloud hosting solutions

    Both Microsoft Azure and OVH cloud platforms provide robust hosting solutions to our business customers. Backed by their reliable IT infrastructures, you can rest assured that your systems are always up and running.

    We understand many new businesses need office productivity software so we offer all customers a free 1 month trial and free set up of Microsoft Office 365.

    WebCider partners with OElite to provide business website design solutions

    OElite platform is a cloud SaaS platform that provides business owners with a relaxed online portal which aims to minimise IT costs by providing websites, emails, data storage and business management software solutions on demand. We are part of the OElite development team and we partner with OElite to provide some of our website solutions.

What our customers say

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lida for over five years. He is technically brilliant, highly dedicated and wholly service oriented. I can’t recommend him highly enough. ”
    — Steve Robson, CapitalStackers
  • “I was really delighted with the work that you did for us on the GoToDebbie project. I know I was a very difficult client often without a clear view, but the job that you have done is remarkable. I look forward to working with you on this project and other ones in the future.”
    — Richard Conroy, GoToDebbie
  • “From the first engagement we found WebCider’s ability to grasp our requirements and their approachability to be of a particularly high standard. Their response to any issue or query was resolved quickly and professionally, always wanting to help us. Many thanks to Lida and his team for all their help and support throughout our website development journey. ”
    — Peter Routledge, White Frog Publishing Ltd

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